What is Laser Engraving?

Laser engraving is a form of laser marking, which is a technique using laser engraving materials.

The surface of the object undergoes rapid chemical changes under the laser, leaving a mark on the object. Laser engraving can achieve processing purposes without touching the object. Therefore, the surface of the engraved object is smooth, which is more advantageous than the traditional drill engraving.

Laser engraving machine is an industrial equipment manufactured using laser technology. It combines CNC technology, Laser is the processing medium and with a computer. It can engrave or mark objects on a large scale and provide work efficiency.

Which materials can be engraved?

Laser engraving can process almost any material, but is limited by the power of the laser head. CO2 laser engraving machine mainly engraves non-metallic materials, and the fiber laser engraving machine can mark metal.
You can use laser engraving on the following materials: glass, plastic, double-color board, bamboo, cloth, leather, rubber board, stone, PVC board, wood products, metal plate (excluding copper), crystal, paper, alumina, resin , jewelry, etc.

How to get the best laser engraving machine?

Buying a laser engraving machine is a large investment, so you can only buy it based on a detailed understanding of the laser engraving machine. According to our many years of experience, we have listed 5 aspects that should be paid attention to when buying a laser engraving machine. Here is detailed guid.

1. Engraving area

Customers should choose the laser engraving machine that suits them according to actual needs and financial conditions.

Small laser engraving machine

The most common small engraving areas are: 600mm × 400mm and 600mm × 900mm. Engraving double-color plate is the most basic application of small laser engraving machine. The price of a smaller engraving machine is about the same, but it is cumbersome and unnecessary waste to cut the board when sculpting the two-color board. It is recommended that you purchase a larger engraving machine.

Big size laser engraving machine

Big size laser engraving machines can engrave or mark large objects, such as plexiglass and PVC boards, so these models are suitable for customers who need to engrave big size material.

2. Spindle motor

Spindle motor is an important component of laser engraving machine, it can determine the performance of laser engraving machine. Machining spindles are generally divided into two categories:

Precision machining spindle

The characteristics of the precision machining spindle are low noise and high speed, which are suitable for processing extremely fine workpieces, such as jewelry, nameplates, and badge gifts. This type of motor is usually a high-speed variable frequency motor with low power. The disadvantage is that the ability to cut thick materials is poor, which is not suitable for cutting thick materials.

High power cutting spindle

The high-power cutting spindle is mainly used for cutting. It is characterized by high power and strong cutting ability. It is especially suitable for cutting acrylic. Of course, it can also be used to make gift brands.

High-power spindles are generally divided into brushless variable frequency motors and brushed motors according to the characteristics of the motor. The main differences are:

  • The speed of the brushless inverter motor is high, and the variable speed range is 700-60000 rpm, while the maximum speed of the brushed motor is generally not more than 24000 rpm.
  • Brushless variable frequency motors have high accuracy, low wear, low noise than brushed AC motors;
  • The performance of the brushless inverter motor is good. Due to the limited current design on the inverter, short-term failures will not damage the motor, and brushed motors may be damaged when overloaded and cannot be repaired;
  • Brushless motor adopts frequency conversion control technology to regulate speed, long life.

3. Guide rail

Big size laser engraving machines must use widened high-quality square guide rails, whose load capacity and accuracy are more than 30 times that of round guide rails, ensuring the normal operation of the laser engraving machine.

4. Accuracy

Small laser engraving machine can engraving at least 4mm characters, while big size laser engraving machine can engraving small characters at 1.5mm, so it should be based on actual needs when buying.

5. Control method

The laser engraving machine is controlled by a computer. With the development of technology, the laser engraving machine has a USB interface, which makes the laser engraving machine easier to use.

Now that you learned about what is laser engraving and how to get the best laser engraving machine, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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