What is A Laser Cutter?

Laser cutting is a technique that uses lasers to slice materials.

The working principle of laser cutting is usually to guide the output of high-power laser through optical devices. The laser cutter focuses the laser emitted from the laser device into a high power density laser beam through the optical path system. The laser beam is irradiated to the surface of workpiece, so that the workpiece reaches the melting point and boiling point, and the high-pressure gas coaxial with the beam will blow away the molten or vaporized melt. With the movement of the relative position of the beam and workpiece, the material is finally formed into a slit, so as to achieve the purpose of cutting.

What is the laser cutter used for?

The laser cutter mainly includes two types—CO2 laser cutter and fiber laser cutter.

#1. CO2 laser cutter is a kind of gas molecular laser device with high energy conversion, good stability and wide application,using the vibration of carbon dioxide molecules and the transition between the rotational energy levels to generate laser. It is usually used to cut non-metallic materials, such as wood, acrylic, cloth, bamboo products, leather, plastic, etc.

#2. The fiber laser cutter is a laser cutter that uses a fiber laser generator as a light source. It has characteristics of fast speed and high precision. It is used to cut metallic materials, such as electrical accessories, metallurgical equipment, household appliances, etc.

With the rapid development of market economy and science and technology, the applications of laser cutter are more and more extensive. In the past, it was usually used in industrial manufacturing, but now, it is used by small businesses, schools, families and even amateurs. Automobile, hardware, electrical appliances, jewelry, advertising and clothing industries are inseparable from it.

What industries are laser cutting useful in?

1, Automobile Industry

It takes several years for a car to go from design to mass production. Because of the advantages of fast speed and high precision of laser cutting, and the wide range of automobile industry, laser cutting has become one of the most commonly used processes in various stages of automobile production. In addition, the edges cut by the laser cutter are smooth and precise, which can improve product quality and reduce material waste, and the maintenance is also low. So that not only in automobile industry, but also in other manufacturing industries, the laser cutter is often used.

2, Advertising Industry

With the rapid development of the commodity economy, the advertising industry has become more and more prosperous. Whether on the street or in buildings, advertising signs can be seen everywhere. It is the promotion and application of the laser cutter that vigorously promoted the development and reformation. The laser cutter with the advantages of simple and flexible operation, high cutting accuracy, fast speed and low operation and maintenance costs in the advertising industry, has gradually become the most commonly used process in the advertising industry.

3, Clothing Industry

Modern people not only have higher requirements for clothing materials, but also need more and more novel and refined patterns and designs. Using laser to cut, not only can cut out clearer and smoother edge, but also can be used to cut fabrics in large area. Because of high accuracy and saving raw materials, it is suitable for small clothing production lines and high fashion production. For some complicated patterns and tailoring, laser cutting( engraving) is undoubtedly the best choice.

4, Jewelry Industry

Each pair of lovers, parents want to customize a unique diamond ring or jewelry for their partner or child. Someone engrave their anniversaries to leave an eternal testimony of love, someone engrave their names on behalf of remembering them forever, and someone custom unique shapes to express unique love. Nowadays, customizing jewelry starts to receive people’s favor. The high precision and small incision width of laser cutting make it possible to engrave filaments with very small radius and complex design patterns for very small substance. The edge of laser cutting is round, smooth and mellow, which can save a lot of raw materials and time. Using laser to make personalized jewelry is simple and fast, which is a very cost-effective manufacturing craft.

In addition to the four industries mentioned above, the laser cutter has many other applications. I believe that with economic development, technological progress and innovation, more functions and applications will be developed, and will gradually become one of the most commonly used processes in various industries. Here is laser engraved gifs that you can reference: BEST 10 Laser Engraved Gifts For Loved Ones.

The difference between laser cutter, engraver and  marker

The working principle of the three is the same. All of them irradiate the surface of material with high energy after beam shaping, making chemical or physical changes to form cutting, marking words and patterns, etching circuit diagram, etc. The differences of the three are the penetration depth of laser and how it changes the performance of material.

Laser cutting: General laser cutter can also carry out engraving and marking, but it cannot control the depth during engraving. The laser cutter can also be called laser engraver. The power of laser cutter is generally large, and the light beam penetrates the cutting plate during cutting.

Laser marking: Laser marker is to expose deep material through evaporating surface material, so as to engrave the exquisite patterns and words. The laser marker does not need deep engraving. The laser does not completely penetrate the material, but only implementing identifications through engraving signs and names. Most metallic and non-metallic materials can be marked.

Laser engraving: Laser engraver will remove part of material. The beam can control the depth of engraving without penetrating the plate. The laser engraver can engrave or cut materials with a large area, and the depth far exceeds the laser marker’s. Read more: Difference Between Laser Marking and Laer Engraving

What is the best laser cutting machine

The applications of the laser cutter are so wide that there are various of types and brands. The best and most suitable cutter is not more expensive or larger size. Here are several tips for customers to choose. You can also read the guide: Guide For Buying a Laser Cutter in 2020.

1, The configuration of machine and material size and thickness

Before purchasing a machine, we must fist consider what kind of material is the item being cut. If it is non-metallic material, you should choose CO2 laser cutter. Or you should choose fiber laser cutter. Secondly, it is necessary to select a machine of appropriate size according to the area of the item to be cut.

Except for the material, the thickness of the item to be cut must also be considered. The greater thickness, the great power is required by the machine. For example, a 100w machine can cut material with 8-10mm thickness, a 150w machine can cut materials with 15mm thickness, and a 180w machine can cut materials with 18-19mm thickness.

No matter what product or machine to purchase, the material of commodities is priority. Generally speaking, the better the material used, the longer the life and lower maintenance cost, which requires customers to comprehensively consider and collect information to choose.

2, Price

Sometimes high price dose not mean good quality. If the budget is limited, you can also find the best machines within the budget. You’d better consider various brands in order to select the most valuable machine with low price for yourself. You can click here for more informations: How Much Does A laser Cutter Cost?

3, After-sale service

After-sales service is related to whether the customer can receive the goods in time, master the use of machines adroitly, and subsequent maintenance, service life. Of course, after-sales service also includes whether the merchant can answer questions raised by customers in a timely manner, the attitude of the merchant,and if the received goods are damaged, the merchant can handle with it in the first time. Customers can make analysis and selection by asking the merchant questions on the website or looking up the evaluations of other customers.

If you have any questions about laser cutting machine, feel free to contact Emitlasre.


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What is A Laser Cutter?

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