Emitlaser’s experienced service techs and engineers are here to help with quick-response laser equipment support services.


Whether you understand laser machines or not, whether you are an individual or industrialist, you can contact us at any time. We will arrange professionals for you to answer questions and help you to understand the products of the company and their related applications. If you need the details of the samples, you can also contact us at any time.

If the existing machines of our company do not meet the specifications you require, you can send us the specifications you need, and we accept customized services.

We guarantee that the products can be transported on time and safety. From the day you confirm the order and sign a purchase contract with us, we guarantee those general products can be shipped within one week. If you purchase customized machines, we guarantee delivery within ten working days on a weekly basis.

All products of the Emitlaser have a warranty period:

  • Except for lenses, laser tubes and other consumables are guaranteed for one year;
  • Except for consumables, the whole machine is guaranteed for two years;

We guarantee the normal use of your machines with high-quality machines and fist-class intimate after-sales service. We understand that technical service issues don’t always happen during normal business hours. Our dedicated service and engineering team are available when you need them! Most issues can be resolved remotely. When an onsite service call is needed, we’ll work with you to resolve problems as quickly as possible:

  1. The consumption level of consumables depends on personal usage habits and environment. If it is damaged by non-human factors, the laser tube will be replaced for free within one year. If it is damaged by man-made or environmental factors, our company will deal with it as soon as possible, which requires the buyer to bear a certain cost. (The lens is not covered by the warranty)
  2. If the whole machine is damaged due to non-human factors during the warranty period, our company will repair it for free. If the machine fails or is damaged due to human or environmental factors, the company will repair it for the first time, and the buyer will bear certain maintenance costs.
  3. Machines are guaranteed for lifelong maintenance after-sales.
    If accessories of your machine are damaged, we can send you new accessories before you returned damaged accessories.