Laser Cutting Machine 1612


EMIT 1612 is an affordable laser cutting machine, and it is a new model we designed for the different needs of our customers. The laser cutter uses double laser heads, which not only has the advantages of stable and high precision of single laser head, but also can cut a larger area of material when two laser heads work at the same time. It can cut leather, wood, cloth, glass, marble, etc., quickly and continuously. You can use it in the following industries: handicraft industry, garment processing industry, packaging industry, toys, etc.

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Laser Cutting Machine 1612

Model: EMIT 1612Cutting Area: 1600*1200mm
Laser Tube: Sealed CO2 Glass TubeLaser power: 100W
Power Supply: AC220V,50Hz/AC110V,60HzCutting Speed: 0-4000mm/min
Function: Cutting/EngravingCooling Mode: Water Cooling
Applicable Material: Wood, Acrylic, Crystal, Glass, Leather, MDF, Paper, etcApplicable Industries: Hotels, Garment Shops, Building Material Shops, etc
Condition: New Warranty: 1 Year

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1612 Laser cutter has following advantages:
(1), High accuracy. Stable performance, safety, high efficiency, fine spot, suitable for precision cutting, cutting finer and high standard.
(2), Strong stability. The use of safe, efficient and high-quality accessories, each part is closely coordinated, the work is more stable.
(3), Stable light source. The use of China’s well-known CO2 laser tube has the advantages of stable beam, super power, good engraving effect and fast cutting speed.
(4), Large working platform. Suitable for cutting and engraving of large format materials.