FSCUT 4000 Fiber Laser Cutting Control System


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FSCUT4000 is a closed-loop laser cutting control system designed for high-speed and high-precision cutting. It provides the most advanced technology and is widely used in the electronic industry, ceramic glass, polymer films, glasses frames and other thin and brittle materials.


  • Close-loop control system with Friendess 4th generation motion control algorithms.
  • Master-slave type dual drive control, cross coupling control, speed and acceleration look-ahead control.
  • Flexible piercing technique, support auto change focal position in piercing.
  • Support advanced cutting technique for thick material production.
  • Support motor runaway risk detect, find edge, auto focus, pallect changer, auto nest, fly cut, QR code generation, remnant split, laser head frog-leap etc.
  • Support task scheduling, multi-area production, scan QR import file.
  • Support fine cutting technique of smooth start and end toolpath.

Hardware Components:

  1. WKB: Wireless hand-held remote * 1
  2. BMC1214: PCI Control card * 1
  3. BCL3724: I/O terminal board * 1


  1. C15-1.5/2.5/4: Servo cable * 4
  2. C62-2/5/10: 62-pin cable * 1

Download: FSCCT 4000S Manual



Control Card


I/O Terminal Board


Trajectory Accuracy


Position Accuracy


Repetitive Positioning Accuracy


Maximum Cutting Speed


Maximum Travel Speed


Maximum Acceleration


Motor Control

X/Y1/Y2/W axes analog output, -10~+10V

X/Y1/Y2 axes port receive encoder feedback, highest sampling frequency 10MHz

Dedicated Inputs

4 origin inputs: the default is active-low, support NO/NC options

8 limit inputs: the default is active-low, support NO/NC options

Common Inputs

12 inputs: the default is active-low, support NO/NC options

IN10/11/12 can jump wire to high-level active



Interface Type

32-bit PCI bus, 132MB/S

Power Supply

24V DC/2A

Dedicated Outputs

4 DA outputs: 0~10V,50mA

1 PWM output: 5V/24V for option, precision of 50KHz (0.1%)

Common Outputs

6 relay outputs: load 250V AC/5A, 30V DC/5A

14 thyristor outputs: load 24V DC/500mA

Work Environment

Temperature: 0-55℃

Humidity: 5%-95%(no condensation)