CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 3015


EMIT 3015 is our best selling fiber laser cutting machine series. It is priced to fit most customer budgets and can meet industrial or small business cutting needs. If you are looking for equipment to cut sheet metal, this is the best choice.

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Fiber laser cutting machine 3015 is used to cut various metal materials, its maximum cutting range is 3000mm*1500mm, and the cutting thickness depends on different power and materials. It is easy to use, fast cutting and low maintenance. As a professional CNC laser machine manufacturer, from the simplest screws to complex laser heads, we always use high-quality components, so at Emitlaser you can buy an affordable fiber laser cutting machine at a low cost.

Working Area: 3000*1500mm/9.84*4.92ftLaser Power: 1000W
Y-axis Travel: 3000mm/9.84ft
Ohter Laser Power in Stock: 1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W/6000W
Z-axis Travel: 220mm/0.72ftControl Software System: Cypcut
X-axis Travel: 1500mm/4.92ftGraphic Format Supported: AI, PLT, DXF, BMP, Dst, Dwg, DXP,LAS
Ohter Working Area in Stock: 2000mmX4000mm / 2000mmmX6000mmWorking Table: Fixed Knife Strip / Pallet
Linear Guide Rail: HiwinTable Maximum Load: 700KG
Servo Motor: YaskawaRepeat Repositioning Accuracy: ±0.02mm/1000mm
Rack Gear: YYC (Yuan Yi Chang)Accuracy of Positioning: ±0.03mm/1000mm
Laser Source: RAYCUSMaximum Acceleration: 1.5G
Ohter Laser Source in Stock: IPG, MAXVoltage: Three-phase AC 380V / 50Hz~60Hz
Laser Head Brand: RaytoolsOperating Temperature: 0℃-40℃, Humidity:≤80%
Cutting Thickness: Max 40mmCooling Mode: Water Cooling
Max. Movement Speed: 140m/minWarranty: 3 Years
Max Cutting Speed: 120m/minWeight: 2500KG

Raycus Laser Source

High-quality Raycus laser head is made in China, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency is as high as 50%, which is at the leading level in the industry.

  • High electro-optical conversion efficiency
  • Output fiber length can be customized
  • Good beam quality, high energy density
  • Wide modulation frequency range
  • Small size, easy to install
  • Maintenance-free operation

We also support customizing the parameters of laser head, such as output connectors. You can also choose cheaper Max laser head or more quality IPG laser head, please contact us for a quote.

Auto-focus laser head

Updated version Raytools laser head with improved design of optics systems and gas circuit. Support up to 6KW power, with D37 lens combo for thick metal plate cutting.

  • Compact design to reduce the payload of Z axis.
  • Built-in double water cooled structures can ensure constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, avoid lenses overheating.
  • Air cooling to nozzle which effectively protects the nozzle & ceramic part and extends the lifespan.
  • 35mm Clear aperture which effectively reduces stray beam interference and guarantee cutting quality and lifespan.
  • Good sealing to keep beam path clean.
  • Auto focus to reduce human intervention.

If you need other affordable laser heads, please contact us.

Cast Iron Bed

We offer an ultra-high-quality cast iron bed made of flake graphite cast iron, a material that is highly compressive, hard, shock-absorbing and wear-resistant. We are manufactured with one-piece cast iron process, so that the laser cutting machine always maintains high precision and long life.

Control System: Cypcut Software

Cypcut software is specially designed and customized software for fiber laser cutting machine. It simplifies complex CNC machine operations and integrates CAD, Nest and Cam modules. From drawing to workpiece cutting, it only takes a few clicks to complete, and it is very simple to use.

  • Auto Optimize Imported Drawing
    CypCut will automatically optimize the errors when import drawing, delete duplicates and invisible graphic, smooth curve and join line segments etc.
  • Visual Operation
    Visual design of cutting graphics, quick and easy to finish setting of lead line, micro-joint and kerf width compensation etc. of single or large quantity parts.
  • Precise Edge Finding
    Support capacitance and photo-electric sensing to find workpiece edge and offset sheet placement angle.
  • Dual-Drive Error Offset
    Auto correct the dual-drive position error each time after machine axes return origin.
  • Flexible Production Mode
    CypCut provides floating and workpiece coordinates for small and large quantity production.
  • Statistic of Production
    Thorough and timely statistic of machine production to help you manage the task schedule.

HIWIN Linear Guideways

The HIWIN linear guideway with SynchMotionTM Technology offers smooth movement, superior lubrication, quieter operation and longer running life.

Yaskawa Servo Moto

Advanced Yaskawa AC brushless servo motor lines with speeds to 6,000 rpm and torques to 700 Nm (over 6,000 lb-ins).

We enhanced minimize vibration functions, and new ones added, improving tracking and further improving settling time. Vibration and noise during operation have also been reduced, along with vibration when stopping, resulting in very smooth edges of machined parts.

YYC (Yuan Yi Chang) Gear Rack

High precision and durable YYC rack, made of S50C (medium carbon steel) and SCM440 (chromium molybdenum alloy steel), hardened and tempered. You can also customize cutter racks, such as holes, materials and surface treaments.

S&A Water Chiller

Our fiber laser cutting machine is equipped with a high-efficiency double-circuit chiller. Each loop is independently controlled, with one cooling the fiber laser and the other cooling the optics. This means that you don’t need to buy two separate coolers, saving you money on purchases and saving space. In addition, this industrial chiller provides active cooling with ±0.5°C stability, which allows the fiber laser cutting machine to maintain very precise temperature control 24/7, so you can use the equipment more conveniently.