CO2 Portable Laser Marking Machine


This is a small portable laser marking machine with cheap price, you can use it to mark or engrave non-metal. The laser marking system using glass tube RF CO2 laser, has a good electro-optical conversion rate. The machine power controlled by software, can meet your high-volume production needs.

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Portable Laser Marking Machine

Model: EMIT CO2 Laser MarkerLaser Power: 30W/40W/50W
Laser Wavelength: 1064nmMarking Range: Φ75-300mm(Customizable)
Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz/8AMarking Speed: ≤7000mm/s
Function: Marking/EngravingCooling Mode: Water Cooling
Minimum Characters: 4mmMinimum Line Width: ≤0.5mm
Condition: NewWarranty: 1 Year
Applicable Material: Wood, paper, leather, glass, acrylic, ceramic, crystal, etc.Applicable Industries: Craft gifts, clothing, leather, textiles, rubber products, shell nameplates, etc.

Product Details

Sample display

Optional accessories

1. Rotation: used to engrave or mark round materials
2. Computer


Laser machine package uses thick wooden box, 50MM thick foam board in the middle, the machine is wrapped with moisture-proof waterproof membrane, and the nail outside the wooden box is reinforced to ensure the safety of the machine.