Marking On Anodized Items With CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine can be used to mark non-metals, and it is the important marking equipment in industrial and samll business projects.

It is said that CO2 laser marking machine are basically difficult to process on metal, but in fact, marking is possible on anodized aluminum plates.

In this guide, we will introduce marking processing on anodized aluminum products using a laser marking machine.

We will also introduce the merits of processing into anodized products with a laser marking machine and examples of its use.

What is anodizing?

Alumite treatment is a process that creates a film called anodized film on the surface of an aluminum plate. The so-called anodic oxidation of aluminum is a process of electrolytic oxidation. It is used for the purpose of preventing corrosion and abrasion and for coloring.

When a laser is applied to this anodized surface, the surface is bleached and various objects can be marked white.

Advantages of processing anodized products with a laser marking machine

1.High productivity
Higher productivity than knife engraving and stamping machines!

2. Mark your design as you wish
You can directly mark objects created with design software!

3. Free fonts
There is no limit to the fonts that can be used because there is no need to consider the width of the blade without contact!

4. No post-processing required
Post-processing such as deburring is not required because only the surface is processed thin!

5. Fine expression is possible
You can also express small parts such as logos and illustrations!

The role of anodic oxidation: protection, decoration, insulation, can improve the bonding force with organic coatings, and improve the bonding force with inorganic coatings, etc.

Example of using anodizing marking with a laser marking machine

Laser marking machine can mark on a variety of anodized aluminum materials, such as: Ballpoint pen, Nameplate, Product logo insert etc.

Best CO2 Laser Marking Machine

The above is an introduction of marking processing on anodized aluminum products using a laser marking machine. Laser marking machines help to increase productivity and develop new products! Now we recommend the best laser CO2 marking machine for you.

Small portable laser marking machine

This is a small portable laser marking machine with cheap price, you can use it to mark or engrave non-metal. The laser marking system uses glass tube RF CO2 laser, has a good electro-optical conversion rate, the machine power is by software Control, easy to use, it can meet your high-volume production needs.

Cheap High Speed CO2 Laser Marking Machine

This is a 3D RF laser tube dynamic CO2 laser marking machine for marking and engraving paper, card, leather, jeans ect. Compared with ordinary carbon dioxide marking machines, this machine can achieve higher accuracy. The laser marking machine can marking in a high speed, it is the best choice for your industry or home.

If you have other questions about laser marking machines, please feel free to contact us.

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