What Can You Do With a Laser Engraver?

Laser engraver is a state-of-the-art machine that can process various materials. You can creat awesome DIY projects with a laser engraving machine.

Now, I will briefly explain the functions and Introduce what you can actually make!

Laser engraving machine performs processing such as cutting, marking (etching), drilling holes, and engraving with a laser beam.

The material can be flat, such as wood, acrylic, paper, cloth, leather, stone etc. A heat-sensitive material may be possible, but it will affect the finish, such as unevenness of the cut surface, Please contact us if you really want to do it.

Engraving (Cut) For Wood

As you may have noticed, this is a signboard at the entrance of shop.

Note: When you made it, it was slightly burnt due to the nature of the wood, so you can deal it with a knife.

Someone also makes wedding boards by a laser engraving machine! It is good for gifts such as anniversary plates.

This is a wooden button. The recommended point is that if one piece of data is created, it can be duplicated and mass-produced. So whether it’s carving or cutting, you can use it.

This is the engraving effect that gradually increases the output from “A” to “S”.

If you increase the output, you can sculpt deeply, but you can see that the charring is conspicuous.
(As mentioned above, it can be solved by shaving with a knife.)

Different material version

Engraving (Cut) For Leather

Tried with various settings, cutting, engraving and marking.

Since it is Illustrator data, it is also possible to express fine paths!

Engraving (Cut) For Acrylic Board

If you mark fine data, it can be output neatly! The cut surface is also smooth.

Engraving (Cut) For Rubber Stamp

The rubber material is shaved by inverting the data.

Engraving (Cut) For Paper

For engravings that cannot be done manually, the laser engraving machine can handle them easily. Even with thick papers, you can also cut by increasing the laser power.
This is animal pattern that is cut with an laser engraver and stamped with foil.

Engraving (Cut) For Fabric

It is a very fashionable pattern – A piece of cotton broad turns like this.
By the way, in this case, the image was traced in Photoshop, converted to Illustrator and output. 3D expression is possible with textiles depending on how the data is created and the materials.
If you are concerned about strength with textile cut, i recommend materials that contain polyester.

Engraving (Cut) For Artificial Marble

The unevenness is beautiful and the finish is elegant. It is a marble with a high-class image, maybe you like it. It is also recommended to mark image data such as photographs on black and gray marble.

For more laser engraving machine applications, you can read: BEST 10 Laser Engraved Gifts For Loved Ones. If you have a small idea of your own, you can also share it in the comment section, and we can test the effect.

Who is using laser engraver?

There are various people every day. Beauty college students’ production, architectural models, fashion brand exhibits, signs on the shop, Wedding boards, accessories, 3D postcards, etc.

Beginners do not know how to create data!

We have a free laser engraver and cutter consultation meeting every Tuesday from 11:00. Please feel free to apply!

Now creat your proicts with a laser engraver.

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