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EMIT is committed to the manufacturing and sales of the best laser cutterlaser engraver and laser marking machine. We are one of the few laser producers in China that have credible research and development abilities to provide excellent tech equipment that incorporates mechanics, optics, and electronics. All our laser products have undergone a series of international certifications.

Who are we?

EMIT was founded in China. Its been long since the company harbored the goal of a consistent provision of excellent quality equipment from across the world. Headquartered in China, Emit commits to excellent, consistent, and innovative manufacturing as well as provide and maintain exceptional after-sales services to its esteemed customers.

Our laser cutting products are used exclusively throughout the laser industry to cut, weld, engrave, clean, and mark material with impressive laser accuracy. EMIT is also confident to provide high quality and proprietary laser services whenever and wherever you need them. Our laser cutting and engraving machines are certified FDA approved and CE compliant. Since inception, our focus has been on the international market, and till now, we have protected our brand’s reputation and identity from across the world. We have our regional sales service centers and warehouse established from across China and other places.

The core philosophy of EMIT is to provide valuable service to clients. We try to understand and analyze their core challenges and proffer a solution that is tailored to their needs. This way, we can contribute to their business success.

The effective laser, with exceptional precision, melts and evaporates metal and non-metal materials, and in most cases, at a tolerance of 0.003 mm to 0.006 mm. Contradictorily, plasma cutter often comes at about 0.02 mm, and certain die-cutting machines come with a high tolerance of about 1-3 millimeters or even more. When you need an extraordinarily accurate laser cutter, you can always check on us for the best. That’s why our laser cutting machines are frequently patronized in the aerospace market, a place with tight tolerance.

Our company’s philosophy is innovation, honesty, unity, quality, safety and service first.

We integrate R&D, production and sales, and always innovate with sufficient energy and efforts to meet the various needs of customers and always maintain the most innovative image.
We uphold the principle of good faith and sell the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. We guarantee that the information open on the official website is our most authentic information.
The employees of Emit Laser have always been united for the development of the company, working together, and working together to overcome difficulties.
We have always attached great importance to product quality. We not only produce high-quality machines, but also have a professional quality inspection team. They will carry out strict quality inspections before the products are sold to ensure that defective products will not reach customers and all received High-quality products.
The company’s laser machine has a high safety factor. The correct use and wrong operation are indicated in the blog article( Read more: 5 Common Using Mistakes in Laser Cutting and How to Solve Them) and the user manual provided, and warning signs are posted on the machine body.
Service First
Emit Laser attaches great importance to service quality and customer evaluation, giving priority to customer needs and purchasing experience, and providing the most enthusiastic, comprehensive and patient service.

What to expect from our laser cutting machines?

Highly accurate cuts

When it comes to laser cutting, the machine uses an emotionally small but string laser to produce a focused beam of light to the surface of the medium you intend to cut, with exceptional accuracy.

Low lead times that require no modification or replacement

One of the greatest benefits you will get from our laser cutting machines is the fact that they are economical to manage. That’s because you don’t need any type of custom-built tooling or those that must be modified to suit your project. Also, its cutting surfaces will never wear out. To create a part of the component with our machines, simply get material for cutting, laser cutter, and data that you can load to the PC.

That way, the overall costs for small projects are reduced, especially when you compare them to traditional tooling. Our laser comes with minimal mechanical parts, which saves on the cost of operation and stress of maintenance, to reduces the money you’ll spend on laser company.

Mixed Laser Cutting Machine, Mixed Laser Cutter For Sale

Can handle different jobs irrespective of its sophistication level

No job is too difficult for our laser machines. If the laser is high, powered, it can support different kind kg material and keeps the area wrapped or distorted. Using the appropriate schematic, you can use our laser cutter to easily and swiftly produce even the most sophisticated geometrics and slice through with smooth precision and professional tolerance.

Utilizes more sheet and reduces waste

Another reason why our laser cutting machine is accurate is its ability to utilize a high level of sheet material.

By properly nesting the cuts, our laser cutter can reduce the number of usable parts and components from any kind of material. Again, this will reduce the overall capital spent on your project and help you complete it on time. You will only need less time to swap in another series of sheet material, and you won’t experience any material waste when machining and cutting. It does not damage or warp your materials, in using Thin Materials.

Many people think that high heat from the laser machine is responsible for warping and distortion. But that’s a total lie. The HAZ of our laser cutting machine is small, and will never affect the tolerance of your components. Because of these, users are great for cutting thin materials. These lasers slice through the materials so swiftly. They won’t become wrapped or extremely hot. HAZ is very small, that you can machine it away.

Consumes less power

While most lasers used for cutting materials suck up lots of energy, our laser cutters have no moving parts- unlike most cutting tools that require a huge amount of energy. For example, a current punch, when used at its fullest capacity, may use energy up to 36KW. This will help you reduce the overall cost of running the machine, and as well as limit its effect on the environment.

Extremely versatile- supports lots of materials

You can use our laser machine to perform different kinds of tasks, and not only to cut through materials. You can also use our lasers to drill, engrave, mark, to name a few- without requiring any tooling. Apart from that, you can use our laser cutters on any kind of material. From metals like copper to aluminum, steel, brass, and some materials like plastic, wood, composite, and some textile too, you can use these lasers to cut through anything.

While lasers are generally not suitable for exceptionally thick metals- the flexibility of our laser cutting machines makes it an important part of today’s machining.

Simple and easy to learn

We always pay attention to how long it takes for customers to use the products proficiently after receiving them. Even if our machine has multiple functions, we will try to simplify the operation method and provide free video connection teaching services. The company’s professional and technical personnel are strictly trained to work, so if you encounter something you don’t understand during use, you can contact us at any time, and our technical staff will provide easy-to-understand teaching guidance.

Best Laser Engraver For Sale, Laser Engraver Manufacturer

What else do EMIT offer?

1. Pre-sale service

Pay attention to customer’s inquiries

Speak with us on your laser needs or even laser business as a whole. We promise to give you helpful advice that will solve your laser problem.

Consultation and analysis

We offer free consultation and analyze your market We provide a free consultation and do a market analysis of the laser industry to help you get started with your laser business and make profits with EMIT excellent quality and affordable machines.

Customized solutions and tech support

Our customized service promise to meet your diverse requirements, along with free trial operation. We offer lifetime tech support for each and all our products.

Business flexibility

You are more than welcomed to visit our offices as you’ll be able to check our EMIT effective laser machines and technologies.

2. After-sales service

installation services

Our machines come with a user manual in the English language or your language choice to allow you easily install, operate, maintain, and troubleshoot.

We also offer technical guidance and support by telephone, E-mail, Skype, WhatsApp, Fax, and more, to provide further assistance should you have questions related to installation and overall operation.

Training service

We welcome technicians to EMIT laser companies to get their free training. Our training is direct, efficient, and face to face. They will be able to access our high-quality equipment and different kinds of tools and test equipment. Additionally, our technical experts will provide detailed and well thought guidance.

Professional service

EMIT had experienced engineers who understand how to design and manufacture high tech laser machines with high-end configuration. We can arrange our professional engineers to offer a physical training service and installation. However, you may have to provide trip tickets, accommodation, and charges for services.

Multiple tech support

They are available on phone calls, Skype, emails, Facebook, kakao, WhatsApp, Viber, other internet platforms to deliver a top-notch laser cutting service. And the machine will come with user manual and operating videos to ensure customers safely operate the machine. Apart from these, you can trust our after-sales team 24/7 to provide a quick solution to your issues.

Quality Control

Before we start production, our team of expert purchase department chose the right machine parts to confirm the quality of each raw material. This is the most crucial step to producing machine.

During manufacturing, our tech engineers thoroughly check the progress of the whole process to keep the quality of the machine.

And post-production, we also inspect the machines for up to 48 hours before we deliver it to ensure the machine is qualified for sale.

EMIT, a rapidly growing laser equipment company is committed to delivering reasonably priced laser machines with great safety and efficiency. We are happy that our products have helped many customers scale their business.

We have received several positive feedbacks from all over the world. However, we do not relent in our past achievements. We struggle for more innovation and progress. After analyzing customer’s needs and finance, we developed high-quality laser cutting machines, and of course, at reasonable prices.

When looking for the best in the market, not only should we focus on the price but also focus on the quality of the machine and the customer service is the company, which is more important.

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