Frequently Asked Questions


What does the product model mean?

These numbers represent the size of the working area of the machine, such as 1060 of the 1060 laser engraving machine means that the working area of this machine is 1000mm*600mm, 1325 of the 1325 laser cutting machine means that the working area of this machine is 1.3*2.5 meters.

Do you supply laser machine parts?

Yes. We also supply any parts for machines, such as laser tubes, laser power and laser cutting machine parts.

How to choose a laser machine?
  1. You should decide whether to cut, engrave or mark the material.
  2. Whether the material being cut is metallic or non-metallic.
  3. What is the area of the material being cut?

In this way, we can recommend the right laser machine for you according to your needs.

Can I customize a laser machine?

Yes. As a professional factory, we can make the machine of the corresponding size according to the working width required by the customer, or the customer gives the required specifications or accessories, and we can customize the machine for you.


How to ensure the safe delivery of the machine?

For each laser machine, we always use wooden boxes and foam to ensure safety during transportation.

How to ship the laser machine?

All machines are shipped by sea or land carriage. If you are located in a landlocked country, these machines need to be shipped to the port for customs clearance and then shipped by car.

Regarding transportation, we have three forms:

  1. Transports the goods to China Port.
  2. Transport the goods to the receiving port requested by the customer.
  3. All transportation work would be solved by EmitLaser and providing home delivery service.

Customer Service

Is a laser machine hard to operate for a beginner?

No, We will provide free training for laser machines until the beginner can master the method of machine operation.

Do you provide training for laser machines?

Yes. We provide free training for laser machines.

Do you have a warranty for a laser machine?

Yes. In addition to the lens without warranty, the laser tube and other consumables are guaranteed for one year, and the machine and the other accessories are guaranteed for two years.

The list of questions is always growing, so you can always return to get the latest information. Please contact us if you have a question we have not answered.