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What is A Laser Cutter?

A laser cutter is a CNC(Computer Numerical Control) machine that uses laser technology to cut materials. It replaces the traditional mechanical knife with a laser, the mechanical part of the laser head has no contact with the workpiece. In terms of cutting, it has many advantages: Fast cutting speed, Narrow slit, Small heat affected zone, […]

How to improve the accuracy of the laser machine?

Around the 1970s, laser cutting technology was first used in modern industrial production. In the next 50 years of development, this technology has gradually been applied to the cutting production of sheet metal processing, wood, leather, plastic, and other different materials, gradually replacing traditional cutting machines as one of the indispensable processes in industrial production.As […]

Best Laser Cutter For Small Business in 2022

Laser cutter and laser engraving machines can engrave perfect patterns on materials, both for beginners and professionals, are low-cost small business models. Now, with the development of science and technology, the laser cutting machine originally suitable for large industries has gradually entered the small business field. It is easy to use and can be used […]

What is Laser Engraving Machine?

Laser engraving machine is an industrial equipment manufactured using laser technology. It combines CNC technology: laser is the processing medium and with a computer. The surface of the object undergoes rapid chemical changes under the laser, leaving a mark on the object. Laser engraving can achieve processing purposes without touching the object. Therefore, the surface […]

What Is Laser Marking Machine?

The laser marking machine has come here to stay, with impressive abilities in the marking market. This fantastic innovation is useful in several applications and has gained huge acclaim when it comes to performing high-quality plastic and metal marking. But a lot of people still struggle with finding the ideal option when looking to purchase […]

Difference Between CO2 Laser and Laser Diode

EMIT has many types of laser cutter and laser engraver. The major difference between each product is the size of the processing area and the laser power. But some laser cutting machines are equipped with laser diode. Many customers ask about the difference between CO2 laser and laser diode. In this article, we will explain […]

6 Best Tips And Tricks For Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine can quickly and easily engrave and cut materials. At Emitlaser, we are doing various processing with sample and projects requested by everyone, I will introduce the tips and tricks of using our laser cutter and engraver that we found in that. 1. Apply masking tape to reduce dirt […]