Best Laser Engraver For Beginners in 2020

Do you know “laser engraver”? It is a machine that can engrave letters and pictures on wooden, leather, acrylic boards and glass with the power of laser. It used to be a very expensive machine used by metalworkers and plastic sawmills to cut out materials. However, laser engraving machines with specifications that can do small engraving on small materials are relatively inexpensive. Depending on how you use it, you can engrave logos on ready-made products, or engrave one-point marks on small accessories, expanding the expressive power of DIY.

We will introduce the best laser engraver for beginners, Lets you buy the best laser engraving machine at a cheap price.

5 Best Laser Engraver

#1. Best Laser Engraver For Wood

As a professional laser equipment manufacturer, EMIT is committed to providing customers with the best laser engraving equipment. EMIT 1060 CO2 laser engraver can engrave wood, acrylic and other materials, it is an indispensable tool for your project. This device is available in a variety of models, For example, you can choose different operating platforms (honeycomb or other), different control systems, different power. Below we list the common machine configurations. If you need an upgraded laser engraving machine, contact us now.

#2. CO2 Laser Engraver

EMIT 1390 is an affordable large-scale CO2 laser engraving machine that increases productivity both in home and industrial use. The 1390 laser machine can not only engrave, but also has the function of cutting. You can use it to cut or engrave most of the non-metallic materials, especially acrylic cutting under 20mm, wood cutting below 15mm, cloth and leather cutting.

#3. Cheap Laser Engraver

The laser engraving machine uses a sealed co2 laser tube with high engraving speed and high precision. It is widely used in the craft gift industry, clothing industry, toy industry and so on. The laser engraver supports a variety of design software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop, Coreldraw. It’s easy to use, you can use it to engrave wood, acrylic and other materials, improve work efficiency.

#4. Affordable Laser Engraver

EMIT 1080 is a medium-sized laser engraving machine that can be used to engrave or cut acrylic, double-color board, plastics, wood products, leather, etc. It is now widely used in advertising, toys, electronics, construction and other industries. This laser engraver ues linear guides and an upgraded motor for high-precision linear engraving or cutting.

#5. Small laser engraving machine

EMIT 9060 uses the most advanced DSP control technology to achieve engraving or cutting of complex images. This laser engraving machine also features a sturdy bracket for more stable engraving or cutting. If you want to customize the laser engraving machine, please contact us.

The above recommended machines have the same advantages, such as fast engraving speed, high precision, strong flexibility, wide range of materials and industries. But they also have their own working area and configuration. You need to choose according to the area of the material you want to engrave and the configuration you need. Of course, you can customize your own machine. Feel free to contact us any time.

Laser Engraving Machine Guide For Beginner 

How does laser engraving work?

As the name implies, a laser engraving machine is a machine that engraves the irradiated part with heat. Materials such as wood and cloth are sculpted by irradiating a laser and scraping off the material little by little. If you have an inkjet printer in your home, it is easy to get an image, but the inkjet printer applies ink one line at a time while the head moves left and right. The laser engraving machine also engraves characters and pictures by moving the laser head while shaving the part to be engraved at a time.

The type of laser

There are three types of lasers emitted by laser engraving machines.

1.CO2 laser

Widely used in general laser engraving machines currently released. The CO2 laser uses carbon dioxide as a laser catalyst. By mixing multiple gases with the carbon dioxide in the laser transmission tube, energy is generated and the laser is emitted. Because of its good energy efficiency (fuel efficiency), it is used in desktop laser engraving machines and medium-sized laser engraving machines.
Since engraving is performed with thermal energy, materials other than metal can be engraved constantly.

2. Fiber laser

This is a method that uses solids (such as artificial crystals such as ruby ​​and glass) for the laser catalyst, and boasts about 100 times the output of a CO2 laser. Because of the high accuracy of the laser, it can be engraved on metal, and engraving with higher definition than CO2 laser can be done.

3.YAG laser / YVO laser

This is almost the same output as a fiber laser, but can emit a laser with higher accuracy than a fiber laser. However, the parts are expensive and are often found in commercial laser engraving machines.
Because it can be micro-processed, it is often used for processing industrial products such as automotive parts and medical equipment.

Laser irradiation method

There are currently two types of laser irradiation methods for laser engraving machines.

1. Flat head type

The engraving is performed by moving the laser irradiation head on the plate-shaped processing surface. As mentioned earlier, the material is irradiated with a laser in a manner similar to a home inkjet printer. If you know the inkjet printer, please imagine it. The movement is almost the same.

2. Galvano type

The flat head type irradiates the laser by moving the head, while the galvano type changes the laser irradiation position and engraves by changing the angle of the mirror. For example, As a child, you may have played with the mirror in your hand reflecting the sun’s light and shining light on the walls of your house. Unlike the flat head type, there is no need to move the head, so engraving can be performed at high speed.

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