About Us

Professional CNC Laser Machine Manufacturer and Solutions Provider

Professional Laser Machine Manufacturer

Established in 2015, we have been committed to the development and manufacture of laser machines. All laser machines is produced in our own factory and undergoes strict inspection from the procurement of parts, technical process to assembly, thus ensuring that we can always provide high quality laser machine. At the same time, our factory has the advantages of scale and supply chain, and we can also provide you with affordable prices.

Leading Laser Machine Solution Provider

After 7 years of development, we have gradually become a leading solution provider in the laser industry. We always listen carefully to the needs of customers, not only provide users with separate parts and usage guidance, but also provide users with professional laser machine upgrades and customized solutions. So far, we have helped thousands of laser hobbyists, small businesses and industrial companies. We have won a good reputation with high-quality machines, professional technology and service.

Quality Certifications

We want to provide our customer with the highest quality products. By doing so, we put our products through rigorous internal and external testing. Here you’ll be able to explore our certifications of CE, FDA and ISO9001.

Download Certification PDF: CE, FDA, ISO9001.


At EmitLaser, we recognize that our climate is changing and there are major implications for our planet, the economy, and our quality of life. So, we manufactures all laser machines with environmentally friendly materials. We are also committed to promoting laser smoke purification system to stop environmental pollution. Every time you buy machines from EmitLaser, you are doing your tiny but significant part to protect the earth.