Emit Laser Equipment Co., Ltd has been founded for 8 years, which is a leading laser machine manufacturer & supplier in China. We are a comprehensive enterprise integrating R&D, production, and sales. We have the following CNC industrial pieces of equipment for sale: laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, which can be widely used in the advertising industry, architectural models, decorative design, wood industry, furniture industry, and other industries.

EMIT Laser is committed to continuously research, develop, and innovate new products and technologies, to provide customers with the best quality machines and enthusiastic service. We wholeheartedly provide customers with professional and free consulting services, detailed and thoughtful training services, personalized customized services, etc. Over the past few years, our high-quality machines, professional technology, and enthusiastic service have gained a good reputation at home and abroad.


These machines sold by EMIT Laser are developed independently by the company. Our laser machines have passed many international certifications(ISO9001, CE, FDA). We can guarantee the best product quality and after-sales service.

Emit Laser Culture

The philosophy of our company is innovation, honesty, unity, quality, safety and service first.

  • Innovation
    Innovation is a guarantee for a company’s sustainable development. We always constantly innovate with sufficient energy and hard work to develop new products and meet the various needs of customers. As a well-known brand in China, we integrate R&D, production, and sales, and constantly innovate in all aspects, always giving customers the most novel and vivid impression.
  • Honesty
    Honesty is the basic principle of a company. We uphold the principle of integrity and sell the best quality products at the most reasonable prices. We promise that the open information on our official website is our most authentic information.
  • Unity
    The mental outlook of the employees of a company can directly reflect the philosophy and status of the company. The employees of the EMIT Laser have always been united, struggled together, overcome difficulties together, and always actively moved forward.
  • Quality
    Quality is the foundation of a company to has a foothold somewhere and develops. We have always attached great importance to product quality. We not only produce machines with high-quality materials, but also have a professional quality inspection team that will conduct strict quality inspections before the products are sold to ensure that customers will receive high-quality products.
  • Safety
    Safety has always been a concern of customers. The laser machines of our company are very safe, and all of them have been posted precautions.
  • Service
    EMIT Laser has always focused on service quality and customers’ evaluation, giving priority to customers’ needs and purchase experience, providing the most enthusiastic and comprehensive service.