Monthly Archives: February 2020

Marking On Anodized Items With CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 laser marking machine can be used to mark non-metals, and it is the important marking equipment in industrial and samll business projects. It is said that CO2 laser marking machine are basically difficult to process on metal, but in fact, marking is possible on anodized aluminum plates. In this guide, we will introduce marking […]

Difference Between CO2 Laser and Laser Diode

EMIT has many types of laser cutter and laser engraver. The major difference between each product is the size of the processing area and the laser power. But some laser cutting machines are equipped with laser diode. Many customers ask about the difference between CO2 laser and laser diode. In this article, we will explain […]

6 Best Tips And Tricks For Laser Cutting & Engraving

Laser cutting machine and laser engraving machine can quickly and easily engrave and cut materials. At Emitlaser, we are doing various processing with sample and projects requested by everyone, I will introduce the tips and tricks of using our laser cutter and engraver that we found in that. 1. Apply masking tape to reduce dirt […]

Guide For Buying a Laser Cutter in 2020

Laser cutting machines are sheet metal machines that engrave, cut, drill, and mark various materials with invisible lasers. Laser cutting machines are used in various fields in the world. From relatively soft materials such as paper, cloth and leather, to acrylic and metal cutting, to medical uses. Emit has the best laser cutter for sale. […]